Marios Takoushis & Gabriel Karapatakis – “Forgotten April’s Waltz”


This is a video that plays an album track from Marios Takoushis & Gabriel Karapatakis‘s 2012 recording Seven Miles East.  The song is “Forgotten April’s Waltz.” The video is a slideshow of cool pictures, which really fit the music to a tee.

Your video personnel: Marios Takoushis (piano), Gabriel Karapatakis (bass), Giorgos Krasides (clarinet), and Stelios Xydias (drums).


I’ll be reviewing this wonderful little album pretty soon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


2 Responses to Marios Takoushis & Gabriel Karapatakis – “Forgotten April’s Waltz”

  1. Constantinos says:

    Great job guys! Keep up the good work.

  2. Ib says:

    Wow !
    – Lovely track, I just have to check this out.
    Thank you !

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