Aaron Martin’s gorgeous new album “Touch Dissolves” is Album of the Day over at Bandcamp


For a little while there, we had a series going called Sunday Morning Jazz Album.  It highlighted albums with a gentle nature, dispensing the peaceful kind of music that suited angry hangovers, hushed sunrises and a sustained tranquility that one wished would never end.

This is the kind of music I like to start most all days with, and rarely does the selection of a particular album confine itself to the jazz genre.  An artist who has contributed to several albums that fill this particular need of mine is Aaron Martin.  The cellist has new album out.  It’s called Touch Dissolves.  It’s the Album of the Day over at Bandcamp.  Go check it out.  I wrote some words about it for The Bandacmp Daily.

And if you needed any additional motivation, here’s the second track from Touch Dissolves.  I swear, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve heard all year long.