Album of the Day: Alex Koo – “Appleblueseagreen”


Artist:  Alex Koo

Album:  Appleblueseagreen

Label:  Clever Tree Records

Style:  Moonlight jazz

Favorite Track: “Dune”

Music from:  Brussels, Belgium

What I like about it:  I like how this album’s contemplative tone sits in a perpetual state of conflict with its lively demeanor.  Of equal intrigue are those passages when the trio of pianist Alex Koo, tenor saxophonist Mark Turner and trumpeter Ralph Alessi suddenly erupt in volume and intensity yet never put at risk the album’s guiding peacefulness.  I like the interludes spread throughout the recording, and I especially like those pieces where Koo takes a solo spin; it makes me want to know how he’d go about giving shape to a solo recording.

Your album personnel:  Alex Koo (piano, keys, drums), Mark Turner (tenor sax) and Ralph Alessi (trumpet).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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