Album of the Day: Ellen Rowe Octet – “Momentum: Portraits of Women in Motion”


Artist:  Ellen Rowe Octet

Album:  Momentum: Portraits of Women in Motion

Label:  Smokin’ Sleddog Records

Favorite track: “Ain’t I A Woman”

Style:  Straight-ahead

Music from:  Ann Arbor, MI

What I like about it:  I like how every note, every expression sounds like it’s all heart.  I like how this ensemble illustrates the wide range of emotions that fall under the purview of the blues.  I like how this album takes a classic sound and makes it feel brand spankin’ new… even as it feeds the soul with a nostalgia for loved Blue Note Records bop sessions.  This is a recording that will snap into place with any time of day, any place, any mood, anything at all where you need something good to make everything better.

Your album personnel:  Ellen Rowe (piano), Tia Fuller (alto sax), Virginia Mayhew (tenor sax), Lisa Parrott (baritone sax), Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Melissa Gardiner (trombone), Allison Miller (drums) and guests: Janelle Reichman (clarinet), Marion Hayden (bass), Marlene Rosenberg (bass).

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