Album of the Day: “Animals, Wild and Tame” by Here’s To Us


Artist:  Here’s To Us

Album:  Animals, Wild and Tame

Label:  Hoob Jazz

Style:  Free, floating

Favorite Track: “Menniskan”

Music from:  Stockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden and Porto, Portugal.

What I like about it:  I enjoy this music’s roaming nature.  I like how the beauty of the melody isn’t found in its construction, but instead the delicate ways in which the quartet pulls it apart into ribbons and threads and frayed strands of harmony.  I like how this music strikes a melancholy tone and sticks to it, and the closest thing it gets to a sunnier disposition is the album’s final track.  I like how solemn the music gets at times, as if it were church music searching for its spiritual home.

Other Notes:  Nils Berg and Susana Santos Silva have received all kinds of love on this site.  Those are your next search terms after checking this album out.

Your album personnel:  Lisen Rylander Löve (tenor sax), Josef Kallerdahl (double bass), Nils Berg (bass clarinet) and Susana Santos Silva (trumpet).

Available at:  Amazon

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

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