Album of the Day: “Pagan Panic” by Manu Pékar


Artist:  Manu Pékar

Album:  Pagan Panic

Label:  dbMP(x) Projects

Style:  Storyteller jazz

Favorite Track: “A Maze in Greece”

Music from:  Paris, France

What I like about it:  I adore how immensely expressive this music is, even though it frequently adopts a laid back delivery… in that way a storyteller can instill a sense of the epic from the casual surroundings of a campfire setting and with a voice that matches the calmness of the flickering flames.  I like how the string quartet sometimes enhances the folk music qualities, sometimes adds a graceful chamber presence, and sometimes takes flight in a way that transcends both influences.  I like how this album exhaustively spans the gamut of emotions, and, yet, in the end, reaches its conclusion sooner than I’d like and leaves me wanting more.  I have been addicted to this recording from the very start, and that addiction hasn’t faded even a little bit.

Your album personnel:  Manu Pékar (guitars), Daniel Beaussier (wind instruments), Jean-Lou Descamps (violin), Pierre Marcault (percussion), Jean-Lou Descamps (violin), Jean-Claude Tcheurekdjian (violin), Sophie Groseil (viola) and Frédéric Kret (cello).

Available at:  Bandcamp

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