Album of the Day: “Article XI” by Anton Hunter


Artist:  Anton Hunter

Album: Article XI

Label:  Efpi Records

Style:  Suggested orchestra jazz/Covert experimental jazz

Favorite Track:  “Retaken”/”Innards of Atoms” (tie, or maybe I just adore how one feeds into the next)

Music from:  Manchester, UK

What I like about it:  It’s like getting lost in the funhouse.  The winding passages of lyricism, the warped melodicism that crystalizes into harmonic visages, the unpredictable changes of direction… it’s a controlled insanity that holds through every note of this recording.  I have never heard this album the same way twice.  Not even close.  Each time I play this recording (and, god, I’ve played it tons), inevitably I think to myself, wait, this isn’t how I remember it sounding before.  I can’t express sufficiently how much fun and enjoyment that inspires in me.

Extra notes:  The label, Efpi Records, only releases a couple albums per year, but without exception, they’re gold.

Your album personnel:  Anton Hunter (guitar), Sam Andreae (tenor sax), Simon Prince (tenor sax, flute), Mette Rasmussen (alto sax), Cath Roberts (baritone sax), Graham South, Nick Walters (trumpets), Seth Bennett, Richard Foote (trombones), Eero Tikkanen (bass) and Johnny Hunter (drums).

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon

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