Album of the Day: “The Multiverse” by Scott McLemore


Artist:  Scott McLemore

Album: The Multiverse

Label:  Sunny Sky Records

Style:  Campfire jazz

Favorite Track:  “All the Time”

Music from:  Reykjavik, Iceland

What I like about it:  When this quartet settles into a melody, it’s immensely captivating.  On tracks like “All the Time” and “Clementine,” they achieve just the right balance of contemplation and liveliness, tranquility and kick.  Sometimes Scott McLemore lets the lyricism run wild, and while I personally don’t care for those moments quite as much, there’s a part of me that fears their absence might cause those melodically-focused passages to resonate with not quite the same strength.  That’s not a trade-off I’m willing to make.  This is especially true in light of tracks like “Toes in the Water” and “To Catch a Glimpse,” where the dedication to serenity on the former and to propulsion on the latter contribute as much to cause of listener enjoyment as those that find that perfect balance I previously raved about.  While certain tracks may speak to a listener more than others, there’s an inescapable conclusion that all of these tracks feed off one another in some pretty essential ways, and those indirect lines of communication are likely to have a cause-effect relationship with the ear that goes unnoticed.

Other Notes:  One of the album’s track is “Gene Wilder,” which is the second such song title bearing the comedian’s name.  The other is by Threads Orchestra (an album I still adore). Totally different pieces, and both so damn enchanting in their own way.  Also, Pierre Perchaud is one of my favorite guitarists, and you should definitely check out his music.

Your album personnel:  Scott McLemore (drums), Hilmar Jensson (electric guitar), Pierre Perchaud (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar) and Mats Eilertsen (bass).

Available at:  Bandcamp

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