Album of the Day: “Sugarwork” by Sugarwork


Artist:  Sugarwork

Album:  Sugarwork

Label:  Self-Produced

Style:  Electronic jazz fusion

Favorite Track: “That Strange Summer”

Music from:  Scotland, UK

What I like about it:  This is a battle between robots and humans.  There is a thick electronic presence to this recording, and sometimes the electronic effects achieve a state of dominance over every expression.  Sometimes, however, it’s the organic instruments that turn the battle in their favor.  But what I like best are when those two opposing forces achieve a unity, still locked in struggle, but in which the end of one and the beginning of the next are not so easy to differentiate.  I like how the very opening of the album has the whimsical frivolity of an 80’s action movie soundtrack, but then progresses into increasingly profound expressions of melody and harmony.  I like how each time I listen to this recording, the music causes a change in my perception of it, as all of those variables exert their influence upon the listening experience.

Your album personnel:  Phil Bancroft (tenor sax), Graeme Stephen (guitar), Stuart Brown (drums, percussion) and Paul Harrison (keyboards, piano, production).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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