Album of the Day: “I Told the Little Bird” by Pj5


Artist:  Pj5

Album:  I Told the Little Bird

Label:  Jazz & People

Style:  Lullaby-jazz / Alarm-clock-rock fusion

Favorite Track: “Peaceful Struggle”

Music from:  Paris, France

What I like about it:  This recording displays a masterful balance between simmering tension and explosive volatility, and I like how the tonal and emotional shifts it incites resonate like mad.  I like how this music barely maintains its structure at times, and then suddenly dives deep into a melodic inspiration, thereby giving sharp definition to everything in that moment and all that has passed.

Your album personnel:  Paul Jarret (guitar), Maxence Ravelomanantsoa (tenor sax), Léo Pellet (trombone), Alexandre Perrot (double bass), Ariel Tessier (drums), Isabel Sörling (voice) and Jozef Dumoulin (Fender rhodes).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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