Album of the Day: “Rêveries Sonores” by Super Alone


Artist:  Super Alone

Album:  Rêveries Sonores

Label:  Self-Produced

Style:  Frisellian solo guitar

Favorite Track:  “Cos”

Music from:  Paris, France.

What I like about it:  I like how these pieces are laid open bare, as if Robin Nitram (aka Super Alone) ripped open the chest of his compositions to create the most direct link between the listener and the heart of the song.  I like how these pieces have a lullaby nature to them, even when they growl menacingly.  I like how the rendition of “Blue In Green” honors the original’s melody, but is shaped to snap into place with the original pieces on this recording.  I like how some pieces veer into Frisellian looping territory, because of course I like that.  This album casts a powerful enchantment.

Your album personnel:  Robin Nitram (guitar).

Available at: Bandcamp

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