Album of the Day: “Slippery” by Hannah McKittrick


Artist:  Hannah McKittrick

Album:  Slippery

Label:  Self-Produced

Style:  Moonlight jazz with vocals

Favorite Track:  “Theatre of Gesture”

Music from:  Melbourne, Australia

What I like about it:  This is moody music through and through, and I like how it reveals streaks of lighthearted cheerfulness as an appealing bit of contrast.  I like how Hannah McKittrick’s vocals come heavy with the drama, but by delivering them with restraint, the music is more hypnotic burning embers than a wild conflagration.  I like how the ensemble unfolds its lyricism in a way that honors the vocals instead of simply existing at the vocals’ behest.

Your album personnel:  Hannah McKittrick (vocals), Max Slorach (saxophones), Theo Carbo (guitar), Nat Bartsch (piano), Noah Hutchinson (bass, synth) and Ollie Cox (drums, percussion).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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