Album of the Day: Okidoki – “When Oki Meets Doki”


Artist:  Okidoki Quartet

Album:  When Oki Meets Doki

Label:  Linoleum Records

Style:  Jazz Noir

Favorite Track:  “Looking at Kuniga”

Music from:  Toulouse, France

What I like about it:  There’s a sly lyricism to the music of the Okidoki quartet.  It’s got a sense of humor.  That’s undeniable.  But it’s presented with such gravity as to allow just enough uncertainty to force the question if the humor obscures a serious truth far removed from a reflex of laughter.  That kind of contradiction engenders a sense of mystery, and I like how that creates an undercurrent of tension.  The 2016 release by Laurent Rochelle and Okidoki (which was one of the best things to come out that year) was moodier in tone than their latest, which isn’t afraid to bask in the sunlight and play.  It’s not much of a departure, but it makes all the difference and I like how it shows me that this collaboration has more facets to reveal.  I look forward to many more.

Your album personnel:  Anja Kowalki (vocals), Laurent Rochelle (bass clarinet, soprano sax), Frédéric Schadoroff (piano) and Eric Boccalini (drums).

Available at:  Bandcamp

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