The answer is yes, I will use my birthday as an excuse to post more Bill Frisell videos


I am older than I care to be, but the music of Bill Frisell will always me feel young and free and appreciative of this gift of life, no matter what I age I may be.

Here’s one from his Big Sur recording…

I still adore that album.  I’ve been on something of a Disfarmer kick lately, but I think maybe it’s time to get Big Sur back into heavy rotation.

Some dude recorded video in Morro Bay, California, and set it to the Frisell tune “Egg Radio.”

“Egg Radio” is one of my favorite Frisell compositions.  I prefer the version from 1996’s Quartet.  It’s a bit more laid back than the video’s version, which comes from 1998’s Gone, Just Like a Train.  But I remember when I first scooped this album up and being pretty damn excited to see Frisell revisit the piece.

Speaking of Quartet, this multi-media project between Frisell and animator Jim Woodring speaks to the heart of that recording.