Album of the Day: Sinkeater – “Purge”


Artist:  Sinkeater

Album:  Purge

Label:  KMAN 92.5

Style:  Postmodern jazz, Roots music

Favorite Track: “Hammond Song”

Music from:  Los Angeles, CA

What I like about it:  AJ Kluth.  I was idly looking to see what AJ Kluth has been up to, and here we go.  I hadn’t heard anything by him in a long while.  His 2011 release Anvils & Broken Bells was one of this site’s Best of 2011 selections, and since then, nothing has come up.  But now we’ve got Purge, from his Sinkeater project.  This is music that has gone one step past the modern post-bop sound, yet still has a folk music quality with blues and jazz that sometimes ring out loud and clear.  It’s got modern effects and electronics and the blurred lines of demarcation between genres.  There are times this music has the lovely heartache of a ballad and other times it unleashes the growl and roar of an indie rock-jazz hybrid.  It’s the same nebulous concoction of influences and expressions that made Kluth’s 2011 release so damn compelling.

Your album personnel:  AJ Kluth (tenor & soprano saxophones, wind controller), Chili Corder (electric guitar), Anthony Lopez (drums) and Nashir Janmohamed (upright bass).

Available at:  Bandcamp

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Be sure to check out the artist’s site.

And be sure to check out Anvils & Broken Bells, the excellent 2011 release from AJ Kluth’s Aldric… still highly recommended by this site.  And an interesting release, too, by the Origin/OA2 label.