Album of the Day: Cordâme – “Debussy Impressions”


Artist:  Cordâme

Album:  Debussy Impressions

Label:  Malasartes Musique

Style:  Chamber

Favorite Track: “Fougères”

Music from:  Montreal, Québec

What I like about it:  I adore how the piano and rhythm sections parallel the exhilarating swoop and soaring motions of the string section without actually mimicking it… as if a single murmuration were comprised of two groups of starlings, separated only by distance, not trajectory.  I like how easy it is to just melt into this music, to let the world drop away and simply immerse myself into the embrace of its beauty.

Other notes:  A search on bassist Jean Félix Mailloux will lead to some other excellent music.  The wonderful 2014 Cordâme release Rêve éveillé is a collaboration with pianist François Bourassa.  Also check out Bomata Trio and their 2013 release Aromes d’Ailleurs, which was also really pretty wonderful.

Your album personnel:  Jean Félix Mailloux (bass), Marie Neige Lavigne (violin), Sheila Hannigan (cello), Guillaume Martineau (piano), Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau (harp) and Mark Nelson (percussion).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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