Album of the Day: “You Have Options” by Houle, Hawkins and Eisenstadt


Artist:  François Houle, Alexander Hawkins and Harris Eisenstadt

Album:  You Have Options

Label:  Songlines Recordings

Style:  Ghost of jazz past

Favorite Track:  “The Pitts”

Music from:  Vancouver, Canada & Oxford, UK & Brooklyn, NY.

What I like about it:  I like that this music has a tone that borders on haunting, and how its drifting presence gives it an ethereal feel.  I like that way it echoes a more traditional sound of a bygone jazz era as the trio channels the music into something that is very present day.  I like how a melodic perspective remains intact no matter how determinedly the trio pulls things apart into a mere resemblance of its first volley of notes.  I like how the music possesses an innate peacefulness, even though the music becomes unsettled and agitated.

Your album personnel:  François Houle (clarinet), Alexander Hawkins (piano) and Harris Eisenstadt (drums).

Available at:  Amazon

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