Album of the Day: “BEAK” by Jordan Glenn


Artist:  Jordan Glenn

Album:  Beak

Label:  Geomancy Records

Style:  Avant-groove

Favorite Track: “Coda 2 – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

Music from:  Oakland, CA.

What I like about it:  I like how catchy melodic fragments disappear into a fog of dissonance and electronic chaos, and how sometimes that chaos is synthesized down to murmurs and slight agitations of motion.  I like how much fun this recording is, and how that holds true even when the music intrigues me to the precipice of deep contemplation.  Any album with a tuneful persona but so massively wild that it makes me think what the hell is this even the first time I hear it is going to get a write-up.

Your album personnel:  Jordan Glenn (conductor), Karl A.D. Evangelista (guitar), Will Northlich-Redmond (guitar, kalimba), Mark Clifford (vibraphone, marimba), Max Judelson (acoustic bass), Robert Woods-LaDue (percussion), Robert Lopez (percussion) and Geneva Harrison (drums).

Available at:  Bandcamp

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