Album of the Day: Montalban Quintet – “Under the River”


Artist:  Montalban Quintet

Album:  Under the River

Label:  Self-Produced

Style:  Jazz-rock-pop-etc

Favorite Track: “Under the River”

Music from:  San Diego, CA.

What I like about it:  I like how this hodgepodge of influences shakes out.  The jazz elements present in the mix contribute a supporting role, but no one influence is dominant over the other.  I like how the Montalban Quintet leverages that balance to give the melody a fluid persona that gains its motion and its ultimate shape from the shifting tides of expressions.  There’s some modern post-bop edginess, some indie-rock tunefulness, some post-rock moodiness, and little bits of ephemera that are the difference between an interesting sound and an engrossing personality.  Under the River is what you get when you’ve got bandmembers with varied music interests and separate projects reflecting the diversity.

Your album personnel:  Carl Prescott (trumpet), Chris Prescott (drums, vocals, guitar, piano), Jim Weiss (saxophones), Mike Stockalper (piano), Greg Friedman (guitar, vocals), Julie Kitterman (percussion, vocals), Chris Fulford-Brown (piano), Kenseth Thibideau (bass, vocals) and guests: Terrin Durfey (bass, vocals), Marjorie Prescott (cello), J.P. Hewett (congas) and Pete Polansky (violin).

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon

Listen to more of the album on the artitst’s Bandcamp page.

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