You deserve something beautiful, so here is a post about Spindle Ensemble


I spend countless hours searching down new music, and yet, still, there are times I find myself dumbstruck at the sound of a beautiful recording that, instead, found me.  I’m still not sure what led me to the music of Spindle Ensemble, but I am sure it was random good fortune.  A playlist shuffle or an accidental choice of link or a YouTube autoplay or just dumb luck… and it ended up with me hearing a track from their live EP at Cellar Tapes Studio.

I heard this music and my jaw dropped from how gorgeous is was.  I stopped everything I was doing and just listened.  Didn’t even try to figure out which of my twenty(ish) open windows the music was coming from.  Didn’t want to do anything to shatter the moment.

But eventually I came to find that those responsible for the music are violinist Caelia Lunniss, vibraphonist (and marimba) Harriet Riley, cellist Jo Silverston and pianist Daniel Inzani (who also doubles on accordion), and they go by the name Spindle Ensemble.  Their EP can be heard as a video recording, and you can also purchase the album on their Bandcamp page.

They also have a full-length recording, which came out just a little over a year ago.  It’s called Bea, and it is no less lovely than the EP.  Bea was recorded in the converted village chapel of Grand Chapel Studios.  Two of the pieces from the video EP are performed on this recording, as well.

You can purchase Bea on their Bandcamp page.  It’s also available at Amazon.