Article “An Open Letter to Musicians: Lemme Hear It” picked up by AllAboutJazz

My article “An Open Letter to Musicians: Lemme Hear It” has been picked up by AllAboutJazz.  Following the lead-in paragraph, you can follow the link to the article on AAJ.  It’s pretty much the same one pubbed on Bird is the Worm, just tweaked for a few edits and minor second-glance type things.


**This begins a series of posts intended to give artists, labels, and promoters some insight into how I use the internet to discover and purchase music and how that knowledge might be used to the benefit of the artists.**


I don’t claim to be the prototypical music listener and buyer.  I listen to, and buy, a whole lot of music.  I spend uncountable hours on various sites, including my own, shooting the breeze about what I’ve heard.  I don’t care to attempt to quantify my actual cash outlay for all of the music I’ve acquired in my life, but I’m sure the grand total is pretty steep and would cause me to shake my head in disbelief.  In addition to amassing a sizable amount of music, I’ve also accumulated substantial insight into how I, and others, go about discovering music.  And to the point of this article, I’m going to share what I know.

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