Peter Broderick – “Float”

Yes, sometimes I write about stuff other than Jazz.

My review of ambient/folk/alt-classical artist Peter Broderick‘s Float has been pubbed at Music is Good.  After the lead-in paragraph, follow the link to read the rest of the review, as well as listen to embedded audio, external links, and more.


The music of multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick should be much busier.  Bouncing from guitar to strings to keyboards to horns (to name a few), and shifting from folk to classical to indie pop to ambient drone (to name a few), the expectation is that the end result would be music with so many moving parts that its main appeal would be as a spectacle of incomprehension.  But the thing of it is, he finds a way to fuse all of these disparate elements into a cohesive cloud of serenity.  And those disparate elements?  They’re all there, but masked in subtlety and hinted at just enough for the ear to pick up on them without ever feeling overwhelmed.  This is beautiful music, with a densely packed emotional center.

Let’s talk about that music… (read the rest of the article, HERE, at Music is Good.)