Recommended: Bebe Buchanan Tagel – “Gone”


BeBuTa - "Gone"It’s how the songs of Gone retain a languorous presence even during lively passages that makes it such an appealing album.  The trio of Søren Bebe, Jakob Buchanan and Kasper Tagel (who sometimes go by the trio name, BeBuTa) situate themselves firmly in the modern Scandinavian sound, but where some musicians prefer to keep things to an extended, soothing lullaby, the BeBuTa trio (plus guests), raise the temperature occasionally… and the result is music that is just comforting in the presence of some heat.

“Two Moons” may be the best evidence of this approach and its success.  Arguably the album track with the sleepiest demeanor, it nevertheless gives the impression of an active personality with its aggressive percussion, kicking up a chatter that is both engaging and unpredictable.

“Maria” and “Dragging” come strong with that Nordic jazz, lazy day languor.  So does “Three” before gradually building up to a low roar and then gently settling back into peaceful ambiance.

The up-tempo “The Traveler” rolls out the melody fast, hits the gas pedal and heads off to the horizon.  “My Friend Kenny” and title-track “Gone” add some straight-ahead European modern jazz into the mix.  And then there’s a slightly oddball track like “T-Shirt,” which adds a bit of differentiation to the affair with its very loose structure and its very playful groove.

An engrossing album.  It doesn’t come on too strong, preferring, instead, to let the listener gravitate to the music.

Your album personnel:  Søren Bebe (piano), Jakob Buchanan (flugelhorn, trumpet), Kasper Tagel (bass) and guests:  Julian Arguelles (saxophones) and Helge Andreas Norbakken (drums, percussion).

Released in 2014 on From Out Here Music.

Jazz from the Copenhagen, Denmark scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp | eMusic | CDBaby | Amazon