Work Space: Nicky Schrire, Capetown


Work Space- Bird is the Worm Tumblr siteBird is the Worm had a Tumblr site.  It was titled Work Space.  Its raison d’etre was to present the areas where the artist is in the thick of their creativity, the places where the inspiration happens before a project makes its way to a recording studio.

Well, Work Space is still gonna happen, but I’m ditching the Tumblr site and I’ll post those photos directly on Bird is the Worm.

Which gets us to today’s post…


Here is the work space of vocalist Nicky Schrire.  It’s her childhood home in Capetown.  It’s the room she practiced in back in the day before moving to NYC, and it’s where she practices now when she’s back home visiting.

Nicky Schrire Capetown work space

The window just beyond the Samick baby grand piano looks out onto their garden.

Here is a demo version of a song she composed at that very piano…

(“Nowhere Girl” by Nicky Schrire)

Your song personnel:  Nicky Schrire (vocals), Glenn Zaleski (piano), Desmond White (bass), Jimmy Macbride (drums) and Jonas Ganzemuller (alto sax).


Nicky Schrire - "Freedom Flight"Nicky Schrire - "To the Spring"To check out more of Nicky Schrire’s work, follow the links to read my recommendations of her albums To the Spring (LINK) and Freedom Flight (LINK).  You’ll also find some decent live videos lying around the site.


Have a great, lazy Sunday!


And if you want to learn more about the Work Space site, please read this article on Bird is the Worm.