Work Space: A Bird is the Worm Tumblr site


Work Space- Bird is the Worm Tumblr siteBird is the Worm has a Tumblr site.  It’s titled Work Space.  The purpose is to present the areas where the artist is developing creative ideas and where the inspiration for those ideas is born.

The photos don’t need to be professionally done.  I’m looking for shots that set the mood of the work space, a shot that allows readers to transport themselves into the scene… no different than cool photos on amateur travel blogs.

Take a look at what is up there already.  Some are closer to my goal than others.  I love the very first one posted, of AJ Nash’s home studio… not only do you get the piano and open books, but you get an actual view of the world just outside his window.  That photo sets an entire scene, a tiny corner of the world where music is being created.  I’m also open to exterior shots of your work space building.  The most recent submission (seen in the image above) is a good example.

Mostly, it just needs to be a cool photo that brings the reader into the scene.  The niftier the photo, the more willing I am to make exceptions for its inclusion.

The qualities I like to see are, yes, those windows, but also those items which really have nothing to do with the music itself… shelves of books and cds, photos and artwork on walls and shelves, coffee mugs and weird lamps and odd items meant to bring good luck.  All of that stuff mixed in with the instruments and notebooks and the musician tools of the trade.

Here is what each submission should include:

  • No less than two photos of the work space
  • A link to a Soundcloud or Bandcamp page that has a track from your latest release (if you have no actual proper album, then something from a live performance or a track you recorded in your home studio… music that gives the reader a good idea of how you sound today.)  If you don’t have a Soundcloud page, then you may simply email me an mp3 file from your latest album, which I will upload to the Tumblr site for you (it will be streamable only, not downloadable, and, obviously, you retain all rights to your music).
  • A brief note on the work space.  For instance, something like “Home studio in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago” or “practice room in Brooklyn apartment,” etc.  I’m not looking for postal addresses or GPS coordinates, but I’d like it to be less vague than “NYC studio” or “Where I practice in Portland.”

Here is what the photos should not be:

  • Gear shots
  • In performance shots (no musicians should appear in the photos)

So, what do you actually get out of having your stuff up on my Tumblr site?  Well, admittedly, not a lot.  As far as I can tell, the Work Space Tumblr isn’t getting a lot of traffic, though if I can get more people to participate with some regularity, that will definitely change.  Other things:

  • Each post will include your work space photo(s), accompanied by a streamable track from your latest album (or other; see above), a brief synopsis (from me) about the music, and some links to your artist site and a retail site.
  • A post on Bird is the Worm (which does get lots of traffic) about your Work Space submission, and a link to it.
  • Various social media.  I’ll post about it on Twitter and Facebook, perhaps a couple of various music forums.
  • It’s one additional place where people can happen upon your music, but presented in a format different than most music sites.

Yes, the whole concept is kind of obscure, but in my opinion, it’s the kind of thing that people can get into, and if Work Space does suddenly go crazy with traffic, it’s would be a good spot for an artist to have a photo, music, and links associated with it.  And considering that it requires very little time involvement on the artist’s part, there isn’t much downside.

If you have questions, feel free to post below in the Comments section or email me, if you prefer going that route.  Here, again, is a LINK to the Work Space site.