Best of 2016 #17: Alexis Cuadrado – “POÈTICA” (Sunnyside Records)


The Alexis Cuadrado project POÈTICA is brilliant on many levels.  The bassist’s ensemble brings together multilingual poetry, Flamenco and both modern straight-ahead and Latin Jazz for glimpses into the challenges of immigrants new to America.  I’ve written about this fantastic recording quite recently (go read it), so I’ve no additional insight to provide here… except this:  The changes in tone, both emotionally and musically, infuse things with a story arc feel.  It echoes the imagery of movies telling the immigrant’s story from their perspective.  And the subjects of cultural dislocation and societal apprehension, fear even, they radiate a sense of immediacy that echoes the events and perspectives of today.  The timeliness and relevancy of this project provides a level of clarity of no less importance than how damn amazing the music is.

Jazz from Brooklyn, New York.

Read more about the album at Bird is the Worm (LINK).