Best of 2017 #40: Albert Cirera & Tres Tambors – “Suite Salada” (Underpool)


It’s pretty thrilling how each piece on Suite Salada begins as the thin flame of a solitary match and then gradually builds up to a raging conflagration.  Albert Cirera and his Tres Tambors unit have an exquisite touch at modulating the intensity of a piece, with an eye on a finish line located at the extremes.  But what marks this marvelous recording as something special is how the quartet focuses their lyricism through that torrent of intensity, and the miraculous way a melody not only retains its shape, but is able to express itself delicately when the moment calls.  And while this music resonates with the jazz and folk of the Barcelona scene, there are passages on this recording that echo the joyful grooves of Keith Jarrett’s 1970s output with his American Quartet.  That’s no small thing, and quite honestly, there should be a hell of a lot more of it.  I’m more than a bit addicted to this recording.  Results may vary… but probably not.  Expect for this album to hit you like a drug.

Music from Barcelona, Spain.

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