Best of 2017 #49: Kungobram – “Night in Panam” (Self-Produced)


At the center of this delightful album from the sextet Kungobram is Yan Lebreton and his kamalengoni, an African rhythm harp.  It possesses an hypnotic quality, and it’s one whose potency is unchanged regardless of whether the melody is one that smoulders like fireplace embers or one that dances joyfully in tight circles.  Add to that foundation a pair of saxophones, additional strings and some essential percussion, and it’s why there’s both detail and depth to these pieces attributable to far more than the kamalengoni’s personality.  The fun demeanor of Night in Panam is hard to miss, but that it’s whip smart, to boot, makes it a must-have album.

Music from Paris, France.

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