Best of 2017 #50: Emilio Reyna – “La Lenta Marcha de las Estrellas” (Self-Produced)


On some albums, the musician syncs into a melodic stream of thought, and just follows it all the way out to the sea.  Emilio Reyna‘s 2017 release La Lenta Marcha de las Estrellas is a prime example of this occurrence, and the majestic beauty it inspires.  The melody undergoes changes with each piece, but they all sound connected to the same source, the original vision.  The pianist’s sextet achieves a seamless flow from one piece to the next, and it’s why it feels like this album could go on forever, and then, suddenly, it’s over too soon.  I fell in love with this album on first listen, and over the course of the year, my appreciation of the nuance and depth that define its beauty continues to grow with each additional listen.

Music from Montreal, Québec.

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