Best of 2018 #12: Peggy Lee Band – “Echo Painting”


For many years, Peggy Lee has been casting her spell of avant-garde, folk, modern jazz, chamber, and ambient musics, and with each successive occurrence, the enchantment gains even greater strength.  There is an emphasis on orchestration in her works, and equal weight given to an improvisational approach that pulls the structure apart at the seams.  But even with these given qualities that, under normal conditions, would seem to have conflicted interests at heart, the cellist is able to attain a fluidity that brings a focused perspective to bind it all together.  Magic inspires a massive experience of wonderment; the Peggy Lee Band are magicians of the highest order.

Released on Songlines Recordings.

Music from Vancouver, Canada.

I wrote about this album for Bird is the Worm and The Bandcamp Daily.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon