Preview Echo Painting, the new project from Peggy Lee


Please mark your calendars for May 18, 2018, because that’s when the outstanding Peggy Lee returns with her new project Echo Painting.  The cellist has been responsible for some of the most compelling music in the new millennium, concocting an intoxicating blend from the ingredients of jazz improvisation, classical music precision, folk music warmth and cinematic curiosities.  Echo Painting will be released on the Songlines Recordings label.

You will want to buy this thing.

Your album personnel:  Peggy Lee (cello), Brad Turner (trumpet, flugelhorn), Rod Murray (trombone), Jon Bentley (tenor & soprano saxophone), John Paton (tenor sax), Meredith Bates (violin), Bradshaw Pack (pedal steel guitar), Cole Schmidt (electric & acoustic guitar), James Meger (electric & acoustic bass), Dylan van der Schyff (drums, percussion) and guest: Robin Holcomb (voice).

You can pre-order the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.  Also at Amazon.

And here’s a video of the ensemble performing at The Ironworks in Vancouver Canada on June 25th, 2016.  The video was recorded and produced by Lee Hutzulak, who we’ve featured videos from previously… including a video for Peggy Lee’s Film In Music ensemble.

And if you’re thinking you’d like to dig into some of Lee’s past works as you wait for the new album to hit the shelves, then by all means start with her excellent 2012 release Invitation.  It was this site’s #7 album of the year for the Best of 2012.