These are videos that I like: Lee Hutzulak with Film In Music and Cat Toren Band


Today’s videos feature a recent daily recommendation, a future recommendation and the videos of Lee Hutzulak.

Not sure we’ve featured a video as dynamic and cinematic as this first one.  The song is “Wild Bill” and it comes from yesterday’s daily recommendation Tell Tale by the Peggy Lee ensemble Film In Music.  It was shot at the Vancouver Art Gallery and Vancouver Aquarium.

Read more about the album and listen to more of its music (LINK).

And our next video is from the Cat Toren Band, performing live at Vancouver’s Gold Saucer earlier this year.

Update:  Furthermore, I’ve written about Cat Toren’s new release Cat Toren’s HUMAN KIND for Bandcamp (go read about it on The Bandcamp Daily).  It’s a wonderful recording, and it definitely in the spirit of the video above.

Toren’s ensemble is saxophonist Xavier Del Castillo, oudist-guitarist Yoshie Fruchter, bassist Jake Leckie and drummer Matt Honor.

You can give the album a listen, and purchase it, on Toren’s Bandcamp page.

I’ve also got a write-up for Toren’s 2015 release Inside the Sun (go read it).  But that, too, you can just skip and go straight to Toren’s Bandcamp page and listen to the album and purchase it, too.

And be sure to check out more of the videos of Lee Hutzulak on his YouTube page.