Recommended: Nils Berg Cinemascope – “Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab”


The Nils Berg Cinemascope keeps finding ways to show how large this world is and, yet, how close we are to it.  Three albums ago, with their 2011 debut Popmotion, they improvised over spliced clips of music from YouTube videos.  It was a beguiling concoction of new and found sound, and it united their Swedish modern jazz with music from Japan to Romania to Tamil Nadu to their native Stockholm.  Their 2013 follow-up, Vocals, went about a similar process and a similar concept but with a focus on found song.  Their 2016 release Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab continues the trio’s evolution of a fascinating concept that keeps revealing new facets for exploration.

The inspiration for the newest album began with a clip of Balwinder Singh Laddi.  Berg was captivated by the man’s singing and traveled to India to meet the musician.  And it was that simple spark that got the third album underway, of two worlds coming together, first in Sweden via the internet and then India via a plane flight and a search.  Music from around the world is threaded through Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab and woven into the trio’s moody, sometimes solemn and sometimes effusive Nordic jazz.  They don’t edit out the extemporaneous sounds from the video… friends laughing off-screen, the sound of coins being dropped into a cup by passerby, wind chimes from the porch, a car rumbling past, birds whistling overhead… and the effect is to make the breadth of the music more expansive while also providing it the kind of personality to make it seem quite close and intimate.

I highly recommend checking out all three of the recording.  This is a unique, rewarding project that just keeps on giving.

Your album personnel:  Christopher Cantillo (drums), Josef Kallerdahl (bass) and Nils Berg (bass clarinet, tenor sax, computer).

Released on Hoob Records.

Music from the Stockholm, Sweden scene.

Available at:  Amazon | eMusic

And be sure to check out their album Popmotion, which was one of my favorite things from 2011.

Read about it (LINK).