These are videos that I like: Nils Berg Cinemascope


Today’s videos feature the work of Nils Berg Cinemascope.

The trio has received some strong recommendations from this site (and via the old eMusic & Wondering Sound gigs) for past recordings, and their newest, Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab, is no different.

Go read about that album, which was yesterday’s recommendation.

And now, about those videos…

This first video features the song “Gråt nu, skratta senare” from the new album, and it shows how this project was always meant to be a live experience and how they pull it off.

And this next video is a performance of the song “Furusato,” which appears on their sophomore release Vocals.  I absolutely love their shoot location:  Bridge, water, skyline in the distance… winning video in my book.

And here’s a live performance of one of my favorite tracks, from their debut Popmotion, the song “We Are Nobody.”

And here’s a little promo video the trio put together that succinctly describes who they are and what they do.