Best of 2019 #34: Beloveds – “Så Tar Natten Dig Åter”


There’s a whimsical, theatrical quality to the debut of Beloveds, and it’s as much the guiding hand of the music as it is a reaction to the cross-country folk music travels of the septet’s range.  But what brings it all together for this Gothenburg ensemble is their adherence to Progg, the Swedish left wing, anti-commercial music movement of the previous century.  The sense of this being protest music is unmissable, and even when they express a sardonic attitude or silly sense of humor, the weight of their perspective hangs over it all and keeps things centered.  Wild melodic excursions, quick scene changes in tone, and harmonies that spring up like the mighty beating of wings as birds rise in flight make this one of the more eccentric, and fun, recordings of 2019.

Your album personnel:  Channa Riedel (vocals), Anton Jonsson (drums), Björn Petersson (bass), Joel Haag (guitar), Gustav Davidsson (trombone), Pelle Westlin (tenor sax, clarinet) and Karl Magnús Andersson (piano).

Released on Abrovinsch Records.

Music from Gothenburg, Sweden.

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