Best of 2019 #35: Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution – “Won’t Put No Flag Out”


Daniel Erdmann expresses a peculiar melodic perspective, and yet, somehow, still crafts things in a way that is inviting and almost catchy in its way.  One factor most responsible for overcoming any obstacles frequently encountered by unconventional music is Erdmann’s talent for giving curious melodies an anthemic quality.  There is often the sense that these melodies are an attempt to speak to something communal shared by all people, a variable common to us all regardless of the algebra specific to our individual heartbeats and brain waves.  This seems especially true of his 2019 release Won’t Put No Flag Out, with its roots in protest music and political activism.  And the inherent strangeness of his music is given especially pleasing peculiarities with the Velvet Revolution‘s instrumental combination of tenor sax, strings and vibraphone.  This is truly strange and beautiful music.

Your album personnel:  Daniel Erdmann (tenor sax), Théo Ceccaldi (violin, viola) and Jim Hart (vibraphone).

Released on BMC Records.

Music from Berlin, Germany.

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