Bill Lee’s Natural Spiritual Orchestra – “John Coltrane”


Today’s featured video is of Bill Lee’s Natural Spiritual Orchestra performing the song “John Coltrane” at a September 2009 performance at Brooklyn’s Barge Music.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting an article that features the Bill Lee composition “John Coltrane.”  Today’s video is a small preview of what to expect.

Your video personnel:  Bill Lee (composer, conductor), Brian Lynch, Pam Fleming, Andy Gravish, Marek Skwarczynski, James Smith (trumpets), Jeff Newell, Justin Wood, Will Jones, Alex Hoffman, Lathan Hardy (saxophones), Robert Stringer, Alex Ascher, Brandon Moodie, Ryan Snow (trombones), Danny Fisher (drums), Brandee Younger (harp),  and Steve Wood (bass).


Have a great Saturday.