Recommended: Eva Kruse – “In Water”


Eva Kruse - "In Water"A gorgeous session from bassist Eva Kruse, who constructs an album out of melodic fragments and delivers them with a stream-of-conscious flow that makes them all seem connected in very vital ways.  The music possesses a natural poetry whether it adopts a chamber jazz sound, a Nordic jazz sound or charts a course that parallels something more straight-ahead in the modern sense.  Mixing in oboe with the saxophones is an inspired decision and the occasional use of Fender Rhodes provides some extra personality.  In Water is outright mesmerizing at times.

Your album personnel: Eva Kruse (double bass), Bugge Wesseltoft (piano, Fender Rhodes), Christian Jormin (drums, percussion), Uwe Steinmetz (alto & soprano saxes) and Tjadina Würdinger (oboe).

Elegance and fluid motion typify “Längtan” and “Felicia,” which serve also to highlight just how magnificently Kruse assimilates oboe into the scheme of things… especially in how Würdinger pairs it with Steinmetz’s saxophones.

Switching over to Fender Rhodes on “Süd/West” is a nice bit of contrast to the predominant elegance.  Wesseltoft adds a playful groove to the affair, and the ensemble happily joins his game.

“Terrassa del Sol” finds a way to express itself with both elegance and playfulness, as woodwinds and piano maintain a stately posture even when drums and bass trigger a cadence with a cheerful bounce.  No different with “Till havet,” which stretches out tastefully with some sultry melodicism.

The quintet treats tempo as an elastic medium on “Englein flieg” and “Die Ente,” with drummer Jormin spurring the musicians on to faster speeds or reining them in and shifting a gallop down a gear to a casual lope.

Album finale “When We Dance” brings the album back around full circle to the form of expression with which it began.  The song, much like the album, possesses an alluring beauty, formed of motion and stated with an enduring elegance.

Released on Redhorn Records / Naxos.

Available at:  eMusic | Amazon MP3



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