Micro-Recs: Avishai Cohen, Underpool Collective & Trio of Justice

Sunday edition of Micro-Recs!

Featuring:  Avishai Cohen’s Triveni Dark Nights, Underpool Collective Underpool 3, and Trio of Justice Pookie’s March.



Avishai Cohen’s Triveni – Dark Nights

Avishai Cohen - "Dark Nights"I’m fascinated with how these Triveni recordings can be so unassuming and intimate, yet still resonate powerfully.  The trio of trumpeter Avishai Cohen, bassist Omer Avital and drummer Nasheet Waits return for another go at an in-the-moment spontaneous session of covers and originals.  A rendition of Mingus’s “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” is a highlight, both in the way it emotes with a hard strength and delivers with a casual looseness.  Anat Cohen guests on clarinet, because, really, why wouldn’t you have Anat Cohen play clarinet on your recording?  Also, a haunting rendition of Chet Baker’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily,” featuring Cohen, pianist Gerald Clayton and vocalist Keren Ann, ends the album on a very strong note.

Released on Anzic Records.

Available at:  eMusic | Bandcamp | Amazon CD | Amazon MP3



Underpool Collective – Underpool 3

Underpool 3Underpool is a performance space and label that provides a creative incubation center for jazz artists from the Barcelona scene… not unlike the role Smalls has played in NYC over the years.  This is the third album released by the musicians associated with Underpool, and it is just as wonderful as the two previous.  And though the personnel of the Underpool Collective change from album to album, the linchpin of the music has always been modern jazz that recognizes the essential nature of the blues and isn’t afraid to swing when the moment calls for it.  The way in which the ensemble transitions “Galiana’s Mood” from a game of tempo playfulness to a melodic excursion and then back again is a nice example of how they manipulate the little things to achieve a big effect.  And “The Question from Galiana” illustrates that the playful manipulation extends to gorgeous interweaving of harmony and melody.  I highly recommend all three of the Collective’s recordings.  This particular session features trumpeter Pol Pedros, alto saxophonist Noe Escola, tenor saxophonist Albert Cicera, guitarist Raj Paz, bassist Paco Weht and drummer Ildefons Alonso.

Released on the Underpool label.

Available at:  eMusic | Bandcamp | Amazon MP3



Trio of Justice – Pookie’s March

Trio of Justice - "Pookie's March"Very cool set from the trio of trombonist Reggie Pace, drummer & percussionist Devonne Harris and tubist Reginald Chapman, who mixes in some bass trombone, too.  Some disparate influences inform the music, but the spirit of the performance is right out a New Orleans Mardi Gras second line.  Twin towers of soulfulness and rhythmic exuberance mark these songs to where even a mournful-toned song like “True Independence” sounds like a celebration.  The album’s “bonus track” is a 26-minute set from a live performance with trumpeter Marcus Tenney sitting in.  Pure fun.

Released on Jellowstone Records.

Available at:  eMusic | Bandcamp | Amazon MP3



Note:  Micro-recs (or micro-recommendations) used to be called Tiny Reviews.  I switched the name because, really, they weren’t reviews, but simply synopses with a recommendation to purchase.  I feel like calling them recs is more accurate.  That’s how it will be going forward.


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