Featured Crowdfunding Project: A new page on Bird is the Worm


As I announced in last week’s news round-up, I added a new page to Bird is the Worm this week.  I will now be featuring a Crowdfunding Project, well, about once a week, maybe every ten days.

You can find it HERE.  However, the tab to get to that page is visible at the top of the screen, too.

If you’re an artist with a crowdfunding project, and you’d like to be considered for a feature spot, go ahead and email me.  I’ll just say right now that anybody who simply sends me a link to a crowdfunding page is probably going to get ignored.  Take a moment and construct a few sentences on why I should look into your project.  You don’t have to be awesomely profound or anything, just pique my interest.  Or be very funny.  Or point out that I’ve reviewed a previous album of yours on Bird is the Worm.  Flattery works, too.  The project quality I’m most looking at is ‘interesting.’  Is this something that would truly be a shame were it not too happen?  Is this something that stands out from the other projects?  Y’know, that kind of thing.

That’s it.