Work Space: Bird is the Worm is now on Tumblr


So, I’ve got a Tumblr account now.  You can find it HERE.  You can also access it from any page, on the right hand side of the screen, in the menu titled “Me me me me me.”

I’m officially referring to my Tumblr site as Work Space.  For the time being, the only thing I’m going to post on it are photos of artist creative work spaces.  Along with a photo (or two) of each, I’ll also post an audio clip from their latest album or performance, and a few links as well, like to the artist’s site and a retail site to purchase the album.

It’ll be clean and simple and, hopefully, fun and curious.

It doesn’t necessarily need to just be jazz musicians.  Other types of artists may submit.

If you’d like to run a photo or two by me, either email me (my email is found on the About Me page) or send me a message at my Twitter account, and I’ll give it consideration.

The photos need not be professionally done.  It just needs to have character.  For instance, not all photos of locations on travel blogs look professional, but the best ones almost act as a portal to the place, make you feel like you’re there, or at least make you want to be there.  Anyways, take a look at what’s already posted.  You should get a sense of things.

I currently have work space photos posted for Leeds saxophonist AJ Nash and NYC guitarist Josh Maxey.