Florian Hoefner Group – “Distraction”


Today’s video is from a live performance by the Florian Hoefner Group.  The music originates from their album Songs Without Words, which I slotted at #19 on my Best of 2012 list.

My review of their album Songs Without Words can be read, HERE, at Bird is the Worm.  As always, it has embedded audio, links to artist and retail sites, and all the TLC I typically apply to one of my reviews.

The performance appears to be from an October 24th, 2012 show in Munich.

Your video personnel: Florian Hoefner (piano), Mike Ruby (soprano sax), Sam Anning (bass), and Peter Kronreif (drums).


Special thanks to Jan Molendijk, who alerted me to this video on Twitter, and who is becoming a nice source for heads-up on great jazz videos.

EDIT:  Also, thanks to Jan for additional info on the show.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!