Frank Wess – “Rainy Afternoon”


Today’s Sunday video is from the Frank Wess Quartet, performing “Rainy Afternoon” from his 1960 album The Frank Wess Quartet.

Frank Wess, unfortunately, passed away recently, not long after the release of his excellent 2013 recording Magic 101, an album that was the Bird is the Worm #18 album of the year.

I chose this video today, because, one, it’s rainy outside my window right now, a gloomy cloudy day.  Also, I love the artwork the video uploader used for this song (and a couple other Wess youtube videos).  And, finally, as a shout-out to my father-in-law, who is currently suffering the pain of a Cincinnati Bengals playoff loss, and could probably use a tune heavy with the blues.

Your video personnel:  Frank Wess (tenor sax), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Eddie Jones (double bass), and Bobby Donaldson (drums).


You can read the review of Magic 101 by following this LINK.

The album from which this song originates, The Frank Wess Quartet, doesn’t appear to be available digitally, but there’s a CD at: Amazon CD.

Also, Frank had recorded a follow-up album, which is going to be released this year.  Stay tuned, ’cause I’m gonna be listening to it soon, and if it’s anywhere near as wonderful as Magic 101, I’ll be putting something down in print.

Have a great Sunday!