Free Download: I Think You’re Awesome


I Think You're Awesome - "Loft Mig Op Sa Jeg Kan Na"I recently wrote a rather enthusiastic review of Løft Mig Op, Så Jeg Kan Nå, from the endearingly named ensemble I Think You’re Awesome.  Their debut EP is an intoxicating mix of folk, pop, jazz, avant-garde, and any number of little nuances and textures that seemed to fit at the time.  I’m still pretty crazy about this recording.

In any event, they are offering some free tracks on their Soundcloud page, from a live performance in April 2013.  I’ve embedded one of those tracks below.  You can download it from here, but to get the other free tracks, follow this LINK to their Soundcloud page for the rest.

And when you’re done, if you like what you heard, go buy their new release.  They’ve certainly earned it with this magical little recording, and no doubt any revenues they receive from your purchases will go toward making more wonderful music.

Their album is available at:  eMusic | Amazon MP3 (and probably iTunes, too)

Your performance personnel: Kasper Staub (juno, wurlitzer), Alex Jønsson (guitar), Morten Kærup (banjo, guitar), Jens Mikkel (bass), Andreas Skamby (drums), and guests: Scott Westh (trumpet), Maria Isabel Edlund (cello), and Jens Bang (trombone).

Here’s another LINK to that review.

Have a great start to your weekend!