Free Music: Andres Thor – “Mónókróm” extras


Andres Thor - "Mónókróm"A little ways back, I reviewed Andres Thor‘s 2012 release, Mónókróm, which was a nifty cross-pollination of Bill Frisell’s Americana sound and Nordic Jazz.  In addition to his regular arsenal of guitars, Thor added dobro, pedal and lap steel (plus a Wurlitzer and pump organ) to the mix for a set of intoxicating tunes that transitioned between a brooding simmer and a lively bounce.

Well, he’s put a couple bonus tracks from the same session on his Bandcamp page.  Interestingly, they are more straight-ahead than many of the other album tracks, which provides the opportunity for a little compare and contrast.

Thor is offering those tracks for free.  Here’s a LINK to grab those tracks (or you can just hit the Download button on the audio player below).

Here’s a LINK to read my review of Mónókróm, and here’s a LINK to purchase the album on Bandcamp.  I highly recommend that album.  It’s one I still return to from time to time.

Your song personnel: Andrés Thor (guitar), Agnar Magnusson (piano), Þorgrímur Jónsson (bass), and Scott McLemore (drums, percussion).

At the time of my initial review of the album, the only retail option was Bandcamp.  Since then, Thor has added eMusic, CDBaby, and Amazon as retail options.  If you follow the link above to my album review, you’ll see that I’ve updated the review with those additional retail options.  Buy away!


Andres Thor - "Nordic Quartet"And while we’re on the subject of Andres Thor, it appears he has a new release out.  Entitled Nordic Quartet, he appears to be sticking just to standard guitar and pedal steel, but the addition of a saxophonist who doubles up on bass clarinet is a promising attribute, to be sure.

I’m listening to it now, and it’s a near certainty I’ll be reviewing the album on this site in the near future.