Free Music: Erik Friedlander – “Bygone Alley”


Erik Friedlander - "Nighthawks"Recently, I reviewed both of Erik Friedlander‘s 2014 releases.  The folk-jazz recording Nighthawks, an album written during the solitude and power outage of Hurricane Sandy, featured a quartet that teamed up Friedlander’s cello with bassist Trevor Dunn, guitarist Doug Wamble, and bassist Michael Sarin.  You can read that review HERE.

Well, on his Bandcamp page, Friedlander has just released a bonus track to Nighthawks, and he’s tagged it as Name Your Price… which means you get to choose how much you pay.  As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve already purchased Nighthawks, then you go ahead and download the bonus track, entitled “Bygone Alley,” and enter “zero” in the amount to pay and grab it for free.  If you haven’t purchased Nighthawks yet, and don’t intend to, then drop a buck (or more) in the pay amount… it’s a great track, and well worth the dollar.

If you want to purchase Nighthawks, you can either follow links to various retail sites in the review or you can just purchase directly from Friedlander’s Bandcamp page.