Hip Conspiracy covered Kenny Garrett’s “Sing a Song of Song” and it’s yours free


The Hip Conspiracy performed a cover of one of my favorite songs:  Kenny Garrett’s “Sing a Song of Song,” from his 1997 release Songbook.  The sextet do a fine job with the tune, giving it their own voice while respecting the original.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why this composition isn’t covered more often.

Your album personnel:  Miles Meth (alto sax), Sean Levin (alto sax), Luke Okerlund (guitar), Thomas Mariano (piano, keyboards), Josh Miller (bass) and Mike Abbott (drums).

You can listen to and download it at Bandcamp.

It’s included on their 2016 release Odds and Ends, which, actually, is also offered as a free download.

And you can check out the original Kenny Garrett version, featuring a lovely contribution from pianist Kenny Kirkland, over on YouTube, and purchase it on Amazon.