Preview “Wonder Trail,” the new album out soon from Dinosaur


There’s a new album from the Dinosaur ensemble on the horizon.  The London-based quartet is releasing Wonder Trail on May 4th, 2018 on Edition Records.  Dinosaur has undergone a transformation since their first recording, 2013’s Landing Ground (officially trumpeter Laura Jurd‘s release), which augmented modern jazz with a string section.  Their follow-up, officially as Dinosaur, saw a change to an electro-acoustic form of expression.  It appears with their latest, the music swings far heavier toward the ‘electro’ part of that equation.  It’s an interesting development, and the kind of experimenting you always want to see from musicians.

You can check out their previous release Together, As One via my write-up for The Bandcamp Daily.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come…

Your album personnel:  Laura Jurd (trumpet, synth), Elliot Galvin (synths), Conor Chaplin (electric bass) and Corrie Dick (drums).

Learn more about the album, and pre-order it, on their Bandcamp page.

Also available for pre-order on Amazon.