I’ve uncovered a Google conspiracy meant to keep me from seeing these Bill Frisell Quartet videos


As I’ve mentioned countless times on this site (and elsewhere), Bill Frisell is one of my top three favorite musicians ever.  As such, I find as many excuses as possible to feature his music.  One of those routes is video.  Which is why I find it inconceivable that I haven’t run into today’s videos much much much sooner.  Why these videos?  Because they feature my favorite Frisell ensemble, the musicians who joined him for the guitarist’s excellent 1996 release Quartet:  Trumpeter Ron Miles, trombonist Curtis Fowlkes and tubist-violinist Eyvind Kang.

According to their YouTube page, they’ve been up for nearly ten years.  I can’t see how that’s possible.  With disturbing frequency, I google keyword searches with the above musicians’ names, just to see if there’s a one-off concert or a bootleg concert recording or A VIDEO of these musicians performing.  How I haven’t stumbled upon these videos prior to last week, I’ll never understand.  The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is it’s part of a vast, evil conspiracy by Google to prevent me from enriching my life (and yours) with the music of this particular ensemble.  It’s the only thing that adds up.

In any event, here’s three videos from the quartet’s April 8, 1997 performance in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  First up is the song “Dead Ranch.”

The next song is a rendition of “The End of the World.”

And wrapping things up is a performance of “Strange Meeting.”

I’m pretty certain if you anagrammed the three song titles, it would spell out something like “Hide these songs from Dave.”  Google, I’m on to you.

And in case you were interested in learning more about Ljubljana, Slovenia, here’s a Rick Steves’ Europe video that features the city.

Have a great Sunday!