If sweet dreams are your goal, then “North” is the soundtrack to guide you there


The secret that a lullaby lies at the heart of all the pieces comprising North is fully revealed on “21:34.”  Tiny melodic visions peek out of lively rhythmic dialog on opening tracks “North” and “Lapse,” and it comes couched in a groove on “Mohr,” hinting all the lullaby only momentarily when pianist Federico Gerini switches over to Fender Rhodes for some dreamy melodicism.  But it’s on “21:34” that the fullness of those melodic inspirations comes to light.  The trio Oof3 maintain a seaside ambiance throughout their latest offering.  Sometimes that ambiance embodies the tranquil ease of waves softly lapping the shore and sometimes it unleashes a bit of volatility, as the sea is often wont to do.

And when the trio does allow a melody to fully emerge, it’s the kind of think to sink right into.  “The Bed Had Mary Jane” is a simple pattern of repetition, a mild kind of enchantment, but for the sudden, gorgeous bursts of melody that flare up from the original vision.  The catchy melodies of “Square Times” and “Arya” border on addictive.  On “Ingrid in violet,” Nicola Perfetti runs a controlled burn on electric guitar.  On “Wiegenlied,” the turbulence roused by by drummer Massimiliano Furia creates intensity by way of the rhythmic outbursts and also by how it contrasts with the flight pattern from piano.

But no matter what form the melodies of North ultimately manifest, there isn’t a one of them that isn’t beautiful.

Your album personnel:  Nicola Perfetti (guitar), Federico Gerini (piano, fender rhodes) and Massimiliano Furia (drums).

Released on Megattera Music.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Tuscany, Italy.

Available at:  Bandcamp

Also be sure to check out La Forma dei Ricordi by an expanded group that includes the Oof3 members.  The recording possesses a different sound, but tranquility is where it ends up.  The album is released on the Dodicilune label, which should give some of you an idea of where this album resides on the modern jazz landscape.